Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge.


"I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge" consists of two different sentences that are 'I Hate To Be Own' and 'I Am Slave Of Knowledge'.Yup,I do hate to be owned but after my graduation all  of sudden it changes and takes the form  "I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge".
Modification is indeed in need as now I become slave of knowledge and Came to Know about the importance of skill.It's written in my fate to be owned but still committed to achieve my objectives(My Milestone).
'Sweat and Tears' are excrete of our body but demand of the world,you have to get rid of extra water but its up to weather you opt for tears or sweat.

  • Tears there is no place for such a unwanted material in this world or you can say people with emotions 'Not in demand'.They always considered as trash so they have to stand in queue and remain in the queue waiting for their turn/chance which will never come.As chances are never gifted  they are always created or snatched away from others. 

  • Sweat( Hard Work + knowledge/Right Direction) hope you understand the definition of sweat and destination of sweat(Success).Don't take it wrong as sweat do come when you are under pressure :).As you all know, Hard Work is quiet expensive not every can bear it's pain as if so then everyone will be successful.
To achieve all above objective one should to be committed towards his work and have it's own "Personality Mantra".T


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