Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Little More Hurdles Will Do

There was a commander in the house
With new responsibilities
Guarded by his soldiers
Roaring high
Lost in his own pride

Then there were people
Bombarded with the commands from multiple leaders
Lost faith in their commander
Trying hard to match expectations
Dreaded with the consequences

Saying well done! With hands on his Shoulder
Could do Wonders
Shouting at him, will only deplete

Everyone was busy in their hush hush
Filled with enviousness, they go
Aiming high with prizes in their head
He too was no different
Surrounded by the agitators
Wanted him to be a participant
On the verge he woke up
Fluttering his eyes
With the Spunk he rose
Professing his abilities
And then he said, it will take time

But will be there on time

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Being A Leader

Being a leader

A leader is the one who provides vision to his team. One who infuses the habit of winning into his team and introduces them to the definition of team. I would like to define team by an example: Football is a team game and if you want to win, you have to play it like a team; an individual can’t always win games for you. Even if you have a player of great talent, He is known as football magnet but if he can’t pass a ball on time to his teammate, he is worthless because ball travels faster than a person.
Cooperation and feeling of competitiveness among team members should go hand in hand. This can be achieved by reiterating achieving the goal is above all.

Vision of the Team:
A leader is responsible to provide vision to his team - why they are here? What they are up to? What is the individual’s role in team and how crucial it is? If an individual is perplexed by a situation, it’s the duty of the leader to not let him feel despaired and give him enough confidence to regain his mental strength.

Earning Trust of Team:
Leading from front will build the trust in your team and instill passion in them.
Communication in the team should be open and transparent, where everyone has the right to discuss and present his view point. A leader should demonstrate the power of transparent communication, so that each and every member can participate in the problem solving.
A leader must be cognizant of his team’s strength and weakness. This can be achieved by knowing them personally.

Prepare Your Team for Hard time: 
There may be time which gives the feeling of insecurity among team members, and they start blaming one another. Here, comes the role of the leader to motivate his team members; it’s the time when they are tested and it’s time to cooperate with one another to eliminate the problem, and show other how strong and capable we are.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chup Chap Se Karna-Do it Silently.

People used to talk like this when someone achieve something big in his life “Bada Chuparustam Nikla,Pta bhi nhi chala-kab kha se kha pahuch gya” means “this guy is kind of a tricky, don’t know how and when he has done this”. This type gossip will never have an end and I used to stay away from this kind of spat as I have heard some where “Real Idiots discuss people but an intelligent guy don’t discuss they plan it and just do it. You can steal a positive part of conversation from a dumb discussion as well.

 There is an art known as "Chup Chap Se Karna" which is gone missing in me. Frankly speaking, I want to be a Chuparustam. First of all I would like to define this term “Chup Chap Se Karna”. "Chup Chap se Karna" stands for self confidence, self belief and ambition to achieve. Why i termed it "chup chap se karna" because it require patience and concentration which can be achieved when you are "chup chap" or silent. There is a saying “Silence is Golden”.

 I would like to learn this art. This habit of “Chup Chap Se Karna” have many positive things in it which I would like to discuss with you pretty simple and desi(Indian Style) manner. Simple Mantra for “Chup Chap Se Karna”:
Step 1: Think it-Plan it -Achieve it.
Step 2: Not Required.
Here all thinking is done by you, all planning is done by you and you will nurture all its benefits when you achieve it. Just Keep one thing in Mind what you want to achieve is super secret and should not be disclosed to anyone but ones you achieve it will give you ultimate happiness. Have you made it large. Here is Simple Mantra.

 “Chup Chap Se Karna” Benefits:
 • You will not going to annoy a person who is opposing you.
 • You will do what you want without disturbing others.
 • Give you a feeling of a satisfaction.
 • Lessen the hurdles which come up if you are open about it.
 • Many people will appreciate it when you are done with it and will include that part of society whose view  does not match with you.
 • Give you a feeling of Gentle Man.
 • It will bolster up your confidence.
 • It will encourage people around you.
 • Build a positive environment around you.

 Above content is Author independent view. Let me know who want to do it Chup Chap or you want to do it openly. Our sole motive is to achieve success in the life by accepting challenges and meeting our targets.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Expectation,Explanation & Excuses

Before You Are In a game You Start Planning For Excuses, Isn't it happen with everyone,up in to the competition.Excuses are planned before actual results are known,are you aiming for goal or excuses.Actually you are Aiming for the excuses not for your goal. "You Have To work For The process To Achieve Your Objective with Out Caring About The Result"

Why you plan For excuses not for Your Objective???WHY??

Lack of confidence and how to deal with it:

If I am capable of achieving My Objective or not.Before you actually go for something you cant actually check your capabilities.Simple MANTRA "Put yourself in the situation and feel the pressure.check out where you lacking.work on it.You Will Be Ahead Towards Success."

What Happen If I Fail:

This question Arises in Everyone mind before the initial step especially for the one who has achieved something and afraid of loosing his prestige But One who has overcome this hurdle will surely on the way to success.
Don't Care What World thinks just go ahead and fulfill your dreams.

Expectation Another term responsible for one's failure,"Never Ever Expect Anything From Anyone In this world"If So You Are Pushing your self towards Hell's Door" Nothing Else.Expecting Anything From anyone shows your dependency on others and he/she to whom you depend upon or expect will surely today or Tomorrow will take advantage of that and will ruin your life.So its better to standalone and Independent.Standalone here means to standalone With your decision,life is your so decisions will also be your own so as never criticize or give credit to other for your own decision.

Excuses are always given from the looser and winner always find another way to sort out the problem and achieve his ultimate goal.Say No To Excuses Whatever the situation your are in because they are not worth and no one going to listen it.They better Put it up A side saying I am not here to listen All this crap.
"Sky Is your Limit Go Get It."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slave Of Knowledge: I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge.

Slave Of Knowledge: I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge.: " 'I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge' consists of two different sentences that are ..."

I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge.


"I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge" consists of two different sentences that are 'I Hate To Be Own' and 'I Am Slave Of Knowledge'.Yup,I do hate to be owned but after my graduation all  of sudden it changes and takes the form  "I Hate To Be Own But I Am Slave Of Knowledge".
Modification is indeed in need as now I become slave of knowledge and Came to Know about the importance of skill.It's written in my fate to be owned but still committed to achieve my objectives(My Milestone).
'Sweat and Tears' are excrete of our body but demand of the world,you have to get rid of extra water but its up to weather you opt for tears or sweat.

  • Tears there is no place for such a unwanted material in this world or you can say people with emotions 'Not in demand'.They always considered as trash so they have to stand in queue and remain in the queue waiting for their turn/chance which will never come.As chances are never gifted  they are always created or snatched away from others. 

  • Sweat( Hard Work + knowledge/Right Direction) hope you understand the definition of sweat and destination of sweat(Success).Don't take it wrong as sweat do come when you are under pressure :).As you all know, Hard Work is quiet expensive not every can bear it's pain as if so then everyone will be successful.
To achieve all above objective one should to be committed towards his work and have it's own "Personality Mantra".T


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