Thursday, April 7, 2011

Expectation,Explanation & Excuses

Before You Are In a game You Start Planning For Excuses, Isn't it happen with everyone,up in to the competition.Excuses are planned before actual results are known,are you aiming for goal or excuses.Actually you are Aiming for the excuses not for your goal. "You Have To work For The process To Achieve Your Objective with Out Caring About The Result"

Why you plan For excuses not for Your Objective???WHY??

Lack of confidence and how to deal with it:

If I am capable of achieving My Objective or not.Before you actually go for something you cant actually check your capabilities.Simple MANTRA "Put yourself in the situation and feel the pressure.check out where you on it.You Will Be Ahead Towards Success."

What Happen If I Fail:

This question Arises in Everyone mind before the initial step especially for the one who has achieved something and afraid of loosing his prestige But One who has overcome this hurdle will surely on the way to success.
Don't Care What World thinks just go ahead and fulfill your dreams.

Expectation Another term responsible for one's failure,"Never Ever Expect Anything From Anyone In this world"If So You Are Pushing your self towards Hell's Door" Nothing Else.Expecting Anything From anyone shows your dependency on others and he/she to whom you depend upon or expect will surely today or Tomorrow will take advantage of that and will ruin your life.So its better to standalone and Independent.Standalone here means to standalone With your decision,life is your so decisions will also be your own so as never criticize or give credit to other for your own decision.

Excuses are always given from the looser and winner always find another way to sort out the problem and achieve his ultimate goal.Say No To Excuses Whatever the situation your are in because they are not worth and no one going to listen it.They better Put it up A side saying I am not here to listen All this crap.
"Sky Is your Limit Go Get It."

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